Karen Vaughn, Founder: For Our Son, Gold Star Mother
October 2, 2013

Karen’s son, Special Operations Chief (SEAL) Aaron Carson Vaughn (DEVGRU), was one of America’s most elite warriors. Engaged kinetically in the Global War on Terror, his heart beat passionately for the republic he loved.

In the black of night on August 6, 2011 he, along with 29 other rough, fearless, American warriors, stepped into a CH-47D Chinook (call sign Extortion 17) and headed to a mission from which they would never return.

As Karen and her husband, Billy, began searching for answers they quickly came face-to-face with their worst nightmare…the downing of Extortion 17 was at best unnecessary and at worst a negligent, reckless loss of life. Political games, criminal Rules of Engagement and Washington’s total, wanton lack of regard for the battles our fearless warriors face on a nightly basis had finally culminated in the greatest one-day loss of life in the history of Naval Special Warfare.

Karen believes our defenders deserve to be defended and the burden of their covering rests on us, the patriots of this nation. Although she cannot be engaged in this war kinetically as Aaron was, she has chosen to become engaged culturally and believes it is imperative that we stand together and demand change. “If not us, who? If not now, when?”