About the Tour

The Defend Freedom Tour
Honor Service. Defend Freedom. Take Action

Throughout October of 2013, Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) will launch the “Defend Freedom Tour,“ a bus tour of military veterans, their families, patriotic citizens, and advocates that will take our message of service, freedom, and defending the American dream to citizens coast-to-coast. Veterans served our nation in uniform, and CVA is providing a platform and opportunity for veterans—and all Americans—to continue the fight for freedom here at home…honoring their service by taking action in defense of freedom.

Who is CVA? We are veterans. We are the family members of those who proudly wore the uniform. We come from every branch of uniformed service, with service histories stretching from World War II to the War on Terror. Our goal is to translate the experience, concerns, and hopes of our fellow veterans and their families into a common vision of liberty and freedom. We provide a unique perspective on the issues that threaten to cripple not only our national and economic security, but the spirit of opportunity and liberty that we fought to defend and all Americans cherish.

Why a Tour? CVA has volunteers all over the country who have worked countless hours to promote and defend values and positions that matter to veterans, and all Americans. This tour is designed to enable CVA to both reward hard working volunteers and an opportunity to build new relationships—all in the service of veterans and the freedom they fought to defend. America can, and must, both “honor our veterans” and “defend freedom” for future generations—a task Washington, DC cannot seem to manage.

The tour–spanning the first three weeks in October—will include gatherings at veterans’ events, sporting events, town hall meetings, public rallies and other outreach activities. Each event will be heavily promoted in advance and feature a CVA-hosted complimentary meal for all participants (“This One is On Us”), bringing together like-minded veterans, their families and Americans who are concerned about the future of America. Each event will literally honor veterans, highlight the need to defend freedom, and provide tangible ways for people to take action.